Additional PPE

PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment and is essentially anything you can wear to protect yourself against hazardous conditions and prepare you for any health and safety risks. PPE is often used for cleaning, especially when using substances such as bleach. The PPE products we offer include a face shield, infrared thermometer, and disinfectant sprayers.

Clear Plastic Face Shields:

These will help protect the wearer from sneeze and cough particles getting into their eyes and mouth. It comes with comfortable foam, an elastic headband, and anti-fog plastic to make it easy to see through. The plastic can be rolled up without deformation and is easy to carry.

Infrared Thermometer:

These can measure the forehead temperature without the tester needing to make physical contact with the individual being tested. Great for use at home, for doctors in clinics, and as needed during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has a large LCD display and multi-purpose body & surface mode.

Titan FlexSpray Handheld Disinfectant Sprayers:

If you need to spray large areas with disinfectant, our handheld sprayer will make your life easier. It can be used to disinfect various surfaces in many environments such as office buildings, schools, work facilities, public transportation, and hospitals and doctors' offices. It's portable and small, making hard-to-reach areas easy to get to. Its High-Efficiency Airless Spray Technology delivers the industry’s best wetting with a large fan pattern with bigger droplets set anywhere from 9.5 pounds of pressure.

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