Air Fresheners

Every home or office has a smell. It's the combination of the people in the building, their perfumes, the food they cook, etc. Sometimes it's not such a pleasant smell. Instead, it's an odor that reeks of spoiled food, rot, harmful molds, etc. If you are dealing with a foul odor, you need to find a way to neutralize and eliminate it; there's no use just masking it. Let's take a look at how foggers and air fresheners work so that you can choose the right product for you.

Air fresheners replace a bad smell with a stronger, more agreeable smell. Most air fresheners don't actually kill a bad smell. Instead, they remove or mask it. Foggers, on the other hand, will attack airborne odor-causing agents. The fog or fine mist that is released can destroy microscopic germs that are causing the bad odors, leaving the area smelling clean and fresh.

Our Moldstat Aireze Fogger neutralizes mold odors while being environmentally safe. It is powered by an encapsulating technology that neutralizes airborne mold odors commonly associated with microbes and bacteria. It is great for use in hotels, motels, apartments, public buildings, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, closets, locker rooms, athletic facilities, bathrooms, smoking areas, or anywhere with a mold smell.

Our Renuzit Gel Air Freshener is perfect for making any room of your home, especially small spaces like bathrooms and closets, smell fresh again. The cones are outlet and flame-free, making them ideal for any location. And they provide freshness for 15 days.

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