Disposable medical and cleaning gloves are essential in these industries and help prevent cross-contamination between patients and against chemicals and bacteria when cleaning. But not all disposable gloves are the same. There are a couple of different disposable gloves options, so make sure you know what you need from your gloves. The different materials and design choices make each product better suited for different environments. Choosing the wrong type will lead to a waste of resources and increase the risk of rips and tears.

Latex Gloves:

A very popular choice in the medical world; unfortunately, it can cause allergic reactions. If you are not allergic, they are comfortable, relatively cost-effective, and offer a high degree of touch sensitivity. They are a top choice for flexibility, protection, and comfort. Our latex gloves come in a powdered and powder-free version - 100 per box.

Vinyl Gloves:

These are made from PVC, a petroleum-based film. They are inexpensive but less durable than latex and nitrile and offer limited protection against chemical or biomedical exposure. Unfortunately, when they are stretched or flexed, they start to lose their integrity. These are best for non-hazardous, low-infection environments. Our vinyl gloves come in a power-free version - 100 per box.

Nitrile Gloves:

This is the leading alternative to latex; although they are not as elastic or flexible, they are much more durable and resistant to chemicals. These are best when handling potentially hazardous and corrosive chemicals, as well as in most medical environments. Our nitrile gloves are powder-free and offer exam-grade level protection - 100 per box.

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