Moldstat Aireze Fogger/Odor Remover - 3oz Aerosol Can

Moldstat Aireze Fogger/Odor Remover - 3oz Aerosol Can -

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Product Description

Aireze mold fogger neutralize's mold odors while being environmentally safe. Aireze mold fogger is powered by an encapsulating technology that neutralizes airborne mold odors commonly associated with microbes and bacteria. Great for use in hotels, motels, apartments, public buildings, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, closets, locker rooms, athletic facilities, bathrooms, smoking areas, or anywhere that has mold smell.

Product Specifications
  • Restores freshness to all Mold Removal Project Areas
  • Compact 3 oz Mold fogger Spray Can
  • Effective Mold Odor Remover for 15′ x 15′ sized space
  • Safely encapsulate and neutralize odors associated with mold cleaning projects.
Product Safety Information 

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